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What We Offer

When teachers understand HOW a second language is acquired, and HOW to apply the process of acquisition from the input to the output during Limudei Kodesh classes, they can transform the learning experience for their students.

Are you satisfied with the Hebrew / Lashon Hakodesh proficiency of your students?

We have the knowledge, the expertise, the experience, and most recent pedagogical tools to share with your team. We will guide them HOW to get your students to be comfortable, confident, and able to function and communicate in Hebrew or Lashon Hakodesh and to love their text-based learning.


Dvora Kaplan

Avigail Bakaleynik


is the true key to student success

What Students Say

"I don't want to miss Hebrew class... it's the one class I like best."
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Bais Yaakov High School, Detroit

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