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Hebrew Our Way (HOW) is a center for professional Hebrew and Limudei Kodesh instruction.


As successful lifelong language learners ourselves, and instructors with decades of teaching in the Torah school systems, we are passionate about connecting students to their precious heritage - by developing their Hebrew language skills and their ability to both understand and communicate with confidence.


To empower educators with the skills and insights to craft their teaching so that students will love, connect and enjoy learning.

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Advisory Board

"Dvora Kaplan has tremendously strong intellectual and interpersonal skills which make her a pleasure to work with and to learn from. She is driven by the mission and dream of seeing graduates of Torah based institutions able to fully communicate in modern Hebrew and to transition between their use of the Hebrew language for Limudei Kodesh and communicative purposes."


We believe that investing in educators is the true key to student success. We believe that teaching is not just about a book or a curriculum program ­— it is about people: the educators who guide their learners with knowledge, skills, and values.


Respect for the derech of each institution.

Respect for each teacher's abilities and potential.

Commitment to professionalism.

Commitment to continual improvement and customer service.

Commitment to the best, research-based pedagogical methods and techniques.

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Anywhere Jewish Values, Torah, and Hebrew are taught, including:

Preschools, Elementary Schools, Middle & High Schools, Seminaries,

Jewish Higher Learning Institutions, Camps, Hebrew Schools, Community

Centers, Adult Outreach Centers.

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