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Become a member of Hebrew Our Way | עברית בדרכנו.
Building a network of professionally trained teachers who mutually benefit from sharing their experience, thoughts, and curriculum materials is so important to helping spread the Proficiency Approach and helping students improve.

Each plan includes curriculum and lesson planning support services, professional tips and input, and valuable discounts on continuing education webinars and courses.
  • קהילת מורות לעברית

    לכל שנה
    קהילת מורות לעברית כשפה - pay online or by check
    בתוקף למשך 2 שנים
    • מאגרים
    • WhatsApp chat community
    • Mentoring
    • Curriculum Development Support
  • Monthly Plan 5784

    לכל חודש
    For schools who prefer to pay monthly
    • Mentoring twice a month
  • Course (Non-Member)

    Use this "plan" to set up payment for our Intro Course.
    בתוקף למשך 3 חודשים
    • Pay for your 10-session course
    • If you decide to join, we'll prorate the member fee by $250
  • Course Payment Plan

    לכל חודש
    Pay for a course over time
    בתוקף למשך 3 חודשים
    • Three payments of $250 each
    • If you decide to join, we'll prorate the member fee by $250
  • $30/month

    לכל חודש
    Extended Payment Plan for Independent Educators

    Membership & Benefits

    Limited scholarships may be available.
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