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Hebrew in Your Community

Engage, Build Confidence, Deliver Meaningful Results
to Adults, Children, Teens

The informal platform is a great way for kids, especially, to acquire language. That is why we are launching a Hebrew immersion program for camps, in cooperation with Kayitz Kef. We are piloting 2 camps this year, in Atlanta, GA, and in Detroit, MI, preparing visiting Israeli counselors in the essentials of second language acquisition. We're also working with several Hebrew Schools on similar programs, in addition to enhancing their Kriyah programs with a meaning-based functional approach.


We can help you design or enhance programming that offers effective, stimulating Hebrew literacy skills development for Hebrew Schools, day and overnight Camps, Adult Education groups, Youth Groups, Davening Training Groups, Family Workshops or Activities - anywhere and anytime that people gather and communicate. Let us show you how they can feel more confident using Hebrew, whatever language level they are on - even total novices, with or without reading skills.

Some Examples

Cooking and Baking, Arts & Crafts, Shofar Factory and other activities with a Hebrew language twist

Davening Workshop - beyond phonetics and translations

Summer or Winter Camp 

Hebrew for Bar / Bat Mitzvah Kids

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