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Tech for Teachers

כלים טכנולוגיים שימושיים בהוראת שפה

Learn about computer tools, games, electronic worksheets, and time savers that can work in the Torah school classroom.

Title: Teaching Hebrew with Technology: Digital tools, YouTube, movies and the Flipped Classrooms,
Length – 6 - 1.5 hrs sessions
Proposed dates: Mondays: October 26th – November 30th

Webinars Description:
The purpose of these webinars is to explore digital technologies and ways to use them to enhance foreign language teaching and learning in the classroom and outside the classroom (flipped classroom). Participants will have hands on exploration of how technology can offer ways to support student vocabulary acquisition, grammar, reading fluency, speaking accuracy and improve comprehension in Hebrew. The sessions will follow the proficiency approach+ the ACTFL guidelines for teaching Hebrew as a second language,

The following topics will be introduced and/or reinforced:
 Digital tools in 4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
 Digital tools to reinforce grammar.
 Digital tools used to teach vocabulary.
 Digital tools that can be used to assess Hebrew language acquisition.
 Using YouTube in teaching Hebrew – Interactive engagements with YouTube clips; Movies and the Flipped Classroom.

יעל גל- בן יצחק

יעל גל- בן יצחק

School of Hebrew Technology Coordinator
& PhD Candidate, Modern Languages, Middlebury College

כלים טכנולוגיים שימושיים בהוראת שפה
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